Types Of Wine Glass | Experience True Enjoyment With The Right Type Of Wine Glass

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Experience True Enjoyment With The Right Type Of Wine Glass

Serving wine is not just simply pouring it into any wine glass. Some factors must be considered to fully appreciate wine when served, including the type of wine glass. 

Wine connoisseurs believe that choosing the right type of glass for a certain wine can help bring out its best flavors and aromas, thus maximizing wine enjoyment. There are many types of wine glass on the market today which vary in styles, sizes, and degrees of quality and range from cheap stemware to costly crystal. 

The first thing to consider in choosing a wine glass is the material from which it is made. Crystal and glass are some of the best wine glass materials. As much as possible, the glass must be plain and clear. Clear glasses enable the drinker to see the wine and appreciate its color. 
Crystal is preferable because it is thin. Lead crystal is often the material used for high-quality wine glasses, and they tend to enhance the essence of wine to a greater degree. It is rougher and heavier than regular glass allowing wine in the glass to breathe more efficiently when swirled in the bowl. Lead crystal glasses are not only beautiful, but they also can change the effect of light passing through them. 

The size and shape of the wine glass also contributes a lot to enhance your wine drinking experience. The bowls are shaped in a way that the top is narrower than the bottom part. 

This helps distribute the wine's aroma to your mouth and nose. In general, the bowl must be large enough to swirl your wine and expose it to the right amount of air, releasing its precious aromas. 

The stem of wine glasses must also be taken into account to prevent the temperature of wine from being affected by the body heat of the person holding it. Without the stem, there will be fingerprints or smudges on the bowl which will distract from the visual enjoyment of the wine. 

There are three types of the most common wine glasses: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and champagne flutes. Red wine glasses are more rounded, have a larger bowl (more like a fishbowl and is tapered inward), and have a shorter stem. 

A larger surface area is necessary to increase the rate of oxidation, smoothing out the wine's complex flavors. The larger opening allows you to dip your nose into the glass to smell the true aroma of wine. 

Red wine glasses have two particular styles. The first one is the Bordeaux glass which is designed for full-bodied red wines such as Sarah, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is tall and has a broad bowl. 

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The second one is the Burgundy glass which is ideal for accumulating delicate red wines such as Pinot Noir. It is shorter but broader than the Bordeaux glass and has a bigger bowl. 

White wine glasses are medium, narrow, and with a long stem. The bowl is more U shaped or tulip-shaped and upright to allow aromas to be released while keeping the right temperature. The rim is tapered inward to help direct the aroma of white wine to the nose. 

Full-flavored white wines such as oaked Chardonnay are best served slightly oxidized, that's why the most white wine glasses have a smaller mouth to preserve a crisp, clean flavor by slowing down the rate of oxidation. These glasses are also suitable for fresher and lighter styles of white wines. 

Champagne flutes are tall and thin with a narrow bowl and long stem. They are designed in a way that only minimum oxidation can occur in the glass. They are used to holding champagne, and all kinds of sparkling wines. The narrow bowl helps retain the carbonated bubbles, letting them travel further, enhancing the visual appeal. 

The wine glass that you use is as important as the wine you serve. Wine must be consumed with great appreciation and enjoyment. Make your wine drinking experience memorable by choosing the right type of wine glass for each type of wine.


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