What to mix with wine to make it taste better?

salad with wine

Gourmet Mixed with Wine

Do you want your guests to be super impressed with your cooking? Of course, you do, but sometimes people are just going to be critics about everything.

Unfortunately, many people are not going to know a good mushroom risotto if it came out and kicked them in the teeth. To loosen up your high-strung guests just get good complementary wine.

Doing this will do two wonderful things: it is going to complement the flavor of the food, and it is going to inebriate your guests. Everyone knows that an inebriated guest is a happy guest unless they are drunk from whiskey or rum, then they are probably just a rambunctious, possibly reckless guest.

To prevent people from drinking too much, invest in some fine wine glasses. The shape of these catches the wine so that only a little of the drink is going to be consumed with every sip.

Wine glasses are nothing like beer cans, just like winos are nothing like drunks. Ok, in a way they are very similar to drunks, being that they are intoxicated all the time, but usually, they are not as trashy.

A wino is usually someone who has greasy hair and a collared shirt that is halfway un-tucked and a tie that is not tight against the neck. A beer drunk is someone who wears a greasy wife-beater and a trucker hat and sits around watching Nascar while eating TV dinners which they paid for with their welfare check.

So there are obvious differences here, at least the wino can be mistaken for a very casual sophisticate from a distance. Not to say that you are going to be an alcoholic if you drink with your meals.

Gourmet Mixed with Wine

You shouldn't drink with every single meal, it is terrible for your kidneys and faces it, you can't handle the calories. But for a special reunion with old friends, a sophisticated Cabernet Sauvignon with some mushroom risotto is going to set the perfect ambiance.

However, you should only drink wine during dinner with friends if you are female or accompanied by a female. Two dudes drinking Vernaccia Di San Gimignano and eating risotto is going to be a little bit uncomfortable until you are both very successful in your careers, but even still it is best to have a female accompaniment.

When trying to determine whether you should go with a light or dark wine think about the characteristics of the food. Is it going to be lean or fatty, bitter or acidic, mild, or flavorful?

You want to get a wine that is going to match the food rather than contrast it. Careful though, drinking wine with dinner is going to make food a lot more enjoyable, which could easily cause you and your friends to gain weight.


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