What Are Some Low Sugar Smoothie Recipes?


How to Make Low Sugar Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are a healthy alternative to the fatty bacon and eggs breakfast or the sugary doughnut and coffee breakfast. The yogurt provides calcium and protein and fruit vitamins and fiber. Smoothies take only a few minutes to make. If mornings are harried have all the ingredients measured and ready to go the night before. Commercial smoothie mixes are high in sugar. Decrease the amount of sugar by making your fruit smoothies from natural ingredients without added sugar. Add crushed ice to thicken the smoothie without adding sugar.

What You'll Need:

1 cup strawberries
8 oz. plain nonfat yogurt
8 oz. unsweetened juice
1 cup crushed ice or ice cubes

Smoothie Recipe:

Wash the strawberries and hull which is simply removing the leaves on the top. Cut large berries in half. Leave small berries whole. Put the yogurt into the blender. Scrape out the container with a spoon. Add the strawberries and juice. Plugin the blender. Pulse by turning the blender on and off until the strawberries have been pureed into the yogurt and juice. Add the crushed ice and turn the blender on high for 30 seconds. Makes three 12 oz. servings.

Use other fruits to vary the taste. Try peach and mango fruit juice or blueberries and cranberry juice. For a very low sugar smoothie, don't use juice. Slice the strawberries and then freeze on a cookie sheet so the slices stay separate. Slice the banana and freeze as well. Replace the juice with cold water and then add the frozen strawberries and bananas and yogurt.


If you miss the extra sweetness from sweetened yogurt, use plain yogurt and add the artificial sweetener equivalent of a teaspoon of sugar. Or use yogurt that has been artificially sweetened in the first place.

Fruit smoothies are great for breakfast but you also need to add something with fiber so you won't be hungry later. The fiber slows down the digestive process so the sugar that's in the smoothie won't hit your system all at once. Pair the smoothie with a few whole-wheat crackers spread with peanut butter. 
Add a handful of almonds to the blender before any other ingredient and blend until the almonds are ground to a powder. They'll give a pleasant nutty taste to the smoothie. Add ground flaxseed for the same purpose or just grab a piece of whole-wheat toast or a low-fat low-calorie energy bar.


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