How To Start Your Own Food Blog | Food Blog And Make Money In 2020

how to start food blog

How to Start Your Food Blog and Make Money In 2020 (Also Learn to do keywords research for Cooking blog)

How you can start a successful food blog and make money from it. If you're a beginner, I consider you as a beginner- who wants to start a food blog. Don't know where to get started? 

The first thing you need to start a food blog is you need a web-hosting and a domain name Without these two things, you can't start a blog. Start a blog that makes money. Today, I'm going to talk about how you can use Blue Host to install WordPress

how to install wordpress

That is the widely used content marketing.  Content Management System First, to get started with Blue Host.

Key Tactics For Successful Blogger

Once you click on the Blue Host Hosting. You'll be taken to various plan packages There are 3 pricing packages of Blue Host Starter, Plus, and Business Pro. If you don't know which plan to use among these three. I would highly recommend you to choose the 'Plus' option by paying just $5.95 per month

Where you can host unlimited websites. By paying just $5.95 per month. By paying just $5.95 per month. And you can also consider a 'Starter Package' where you can simply get started with - $3.49 per month.

But you can only install one website. So, if you're fine with that and you're under budget, then just go ahead with this thing. Otherwise, I would recommend this thing, and 'Business Pro' is for people who are already making good money from their blogs. 

So, I don't recommend this option to status Once you click on the select option It will ask you to sign up. Then, you have to enter a new domain name that you already come up with your food blog. You can choose anything. 

It only gives you if it's available or you already have a domain name. You can just click on it and just go to the next page, where you have to enter your credit card information for buying 'Blue Host Hosting.” And if you're a new blogger and if you don't have a domain name yet. 

how to install bluehost on wordpress

Blue Host offers your Free domain for 1 year. So there you go. On the next page, you'll be taken to your Credit Cards information where you need to enter your credit card details and choose your package. 

I just use the PRO package, not the basic package. It is asking me to pay $5.95 per month, and you can simply and select all these extra features which I don't find useful and once you enter your billing details. 

Click on 'Confirmation' terms and agreement and click on 'Submit.” And that's it, You're done with the 'Blue Host' buying option. Now that you're done with the first two steps. One is - getting your domain name and buying a Blue Host hosting option.

How To Install BlueHost On Wordpress?

3rd step is- Installing Blue Host on WordPress. For installing WordPress on Blue Host. It won't take you more than 5 minutes. This is easy to follow even if you're a beginner Once you install WordPress on Blue Host, now is the time to find a gorgeous-looking theme for your food blog.

I don't recommend you to use a free theme for your food blog because it doesn't give an appealing feeling to your blog visitors. I feel that - First impression is the last impression online. 

So, you have to invest money to get a new appealing design for your blog. But if you're in a budget then I highly recommend you check out the Elegant Themes where you can grab 87 stunning WordPress themes for just paying - $69.00. You can get 100% complete access to their 87 themes by just paying - $69.00. 

I highly recommend you check it out. Once you get your theme installed on your WordPress food blog. It's the time to start creating the content for it. and one of the most common mistakes - most food bloggers make while creating content is - they don't do any keyword research. 

In simple terms, keyword research is finding profitable keywords that I increase your traffic and sales. If you use your keywords, you'll not only increase your traffic but you'll also get sales which ultimately every blogger wants and if you're wondering.

keyword research semrush tool

How to do keyword research?

How to do keyword research? - I highly recommend SEM rush  It allows you to Start your 30-day free trial. Here's a quick video on SEM rush on finding profitable keywords on your food blog.

I'm on the SEM rush dashboard now and enter any keyword related to your food blog and here I'm entering chicken curry Recipe

You can select any database you want. There are multiple databases. You can target US Audience, France Audience, Indian Audience. Everything. Just click on the search button. And it will give you a list of all the keywords that are ranking for that keyword they are classifying for that keyword.

The current volume of that keyword is 6.6K, that is, 6600 people are looking for that keyword. and if you want to find the long-tail keywords for it. You can check it: phrase mask keywords like- 

Biryani Recipe, Chicken Biryani Recipe, Biryani Egg Recipe. 

All of these things. It also gives you the volume. I recommend that you use keywords that are close to a thousand. But no more than that. By using 6600 volume. 

Look for keywords like Chicken Curry Recipe. It is highly impossible to classify. New blog you have Lessor no backlinks. So this is how you do keyword research for you guys. that's from me that's how you install WordPress on Bluehost and to do keyword research for your food blog.


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