How To Make Vegan Style Bruschetta with Garlic Bread?


Bruschetta On Garlic Bread Recipe:

It's melted. It's cheesy. It is the perfect side to any meal. Our Miracle Bruschetta bread is your new favorite bread recipe.

Usually, bruschetta has some mozzarella cheese and some salami or pepperoni, you know, the generic Italian type toppings. However, you aren't going to miss the cheese and meat if you invest in some good quality ingredients.

Try to get the best tomatoes you can find from your local farmers market, invest in some good quality olive oil, and do not forget to get fresh artisan bread. On top of all that, be sure you have some basil to spice things up.

Some people will supplement the olive oil for macadamia oil or avocado oil. You can do this too if you happen to have those lying around in your house.

Before you begin you are going to need to prepare the ingredients. Gather five or six cloves of garlic and mince them until nice and small.

Take six to eight tomatoes, eight if they are little, and dice them to a reasonable size. Now take your artisan bread and using a bread knife cut slices that are about three-fourths of an inch thick.

On the side, you will need a three-fourths cup of olive oil, a dash of sea salt for taste, and a little bowl of extra olive oil for brushing the bread. Once you have all the ingredients lined out and readily prepared it is time to start mixing up the meal.

Turn the range to medium heat, and let the minced garlic simmer in the three-fourths cup of olive oil for about two minutes. While heating the garlic start preheating the broiler in your oven.

After two minutes of the garlic and olive oil simmering nicely together, add the diced tomato. Let this mixture brew for around eight minutes, continuously stirring to prevent any burned portions of the tomato and garlic sauce.

italian bruschetta with roasted tomatoes

Now brush the artisan bread with the extra olive oil and sprinkle generously with the sea salt. It is easy to go too light on the salt and not even notice it, and when making vegetarian meals you may have to compensate for lack of a salty slab of salami.

Now place a tablespoon of the tomato and garlic mixture on the bread and bruschetta broil. The entire broiling process will take around two to three minutes.

Prepare all the bread and place them on a large baking pan so that you can bake all the bread at once. This way you can feed your entire family a piping hot meal of bruschetta.


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