How To Make A Perfect Guacamole Omelet Equals Breakfast | Omelet Recipe

Guacamole Omelet Equals Perfect Breakfast

Guacamole Omelet Recipe

Eggs are undisputedly the pinnacle of breakfast foods, what with all their magnesium and protein for a healthy kick of energy to get you running in the morning. Unfortunately, though, eggs can be boring, especially when you have been eating them ever since you learned how to scramble back in elementary school.

Most of the time people do not get more creative with their egg baking practices because maybe they are afraid they will ruin the dang things. Eggs are invincible, you are not going to undercook an egg because you can eat them raw, but what might happen is you could burn one, not that that is a big deal.

The point is, eggs are so good they are hard to ruin, so you might as well try to get fancy with them. An easy way to get fancy is to turn on some jazz samba or bossa nova and bust out the guacamole.

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Along with one half of an avocado, you will want a small tomato, four drops of hot sauce, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some salt and pepper. Now in a big bowl add the avocado with the four drops of hot sauce and a good squeeze of lemon.

Get a nice chef's knife with a rounded edge and dice the tomato until it is in small cube-like pieces. It is nice to get a knife with a rounded point so that you can roll into your chops rather than lift and press repeatedly.

If you do not already have a good cutting style, then it is about time you started developing one. Get a good set of kitchen utensils to help you master the culinary arts.

healthy guacamole omelet meal

Add the tomato dices to the bowl and let that sit while you start doing the hard part. Crack two eggs and displace the contents of the shells into a bowl that is not already filled with avocado and tomato dices.

Whisk your egg bowl until your eggs are evenly beat, so that the yolks are not all coagulated in the center or anything. Now butter a pan and turn on medium heat.

Pour the beaten eggs into the hot pan and stir for a while, until the eggs start to set up. Once that happens, let them cook for a small while, perhaps ten to twenty seconds, and then shake the pan to make sure the eggs move freely.

Now pour the contents of your avocado guacamole mix onto the top of the omelet. Use a broad edge spatula to turn the omelet on top of itself.

Voila, you have created a culinary masterpiece, a gourmet breakfast of the Latino persuasion. Now, you can't beat that.


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