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how oats are prepared

How to Use Rolled Oats in Your Cooking

Many people just love oatmeal, but some people hate it. However, it is a very good choice for a breakfast that will be satisfying.

You can save money and your health if you make up some oatmeal for breakfast instead of buying a box of sugary cereal. Oatmeal is cheap and easy to make and it is so good for you.

People with heart conditions are usually told to include oatmeal in their menu planning. Oats have a special soluble fiber that is great for cleaning out the arteries and veins.

Oats Ingredients:

The way to make oatmeal is so easy that you will want to make it often. If you can boil water to make spaghetti, then you can boil some water to make some oatmeal.

First of all, you'll need a small pot, some water, and some rolled or quick oats. Rolled oats are bigger and take a little longer to cook, while the quick oats are chopped up and faster to cook.

Measure 3 cups water and pour it into the pot. Add 1 cup of your choice of oats and mix. Then, bring the mix to a boil.

Once it starts boiling, then turn the heat way down so it just simmers. Put the lid on and check it in five minutes for rolled oats and two minutes for quick oats.

Another really easy way to make oatmeal is to just put the lid on when it comes to a boil, and then turn off the heat. There is enough heat to cook the oatmeal in about 10-15 minutes if you keep the lid on.

In this way, you can save on electricity. You can then store the oatmeal in the fridge. Oatmeal tastes great hot or cold, try both ways and see which way you like the best.

Then put an amount of oatmeal, that you would like to eat, in a bowl. Leave some room for adding milk, sweetener, chopped nuts or fruits, and a sprinkle or two of some cinnamon and salt to taste.

Oats health benefits

Try using some non-dairy milk, so that you can avoid the many diseases and conditions associated with dairy products. Oats health benefits You don't want to be getting a sinus infection, stomach ache, headache, or acne problems to name a few of the conditions that can happen with regular milk consumption.

oats cookies recipe

If you like to bake and a recipe calls for eggs, try using about 1/2 cup oatmeal in place of each egg called for in the recipe. You'll have to mix to disperse it into the batter, but it will work wonders and save you some money.

Make sure that you store your oatmeal in an airtight container so that it doesn't dry out and look funny. It can be as simple as just putting the pot with the lid on and then in the fridge if you have to.

Many dollar stores have some adequate storage containers for you to put the oatmeal in. It should stay delicious for about a week. Don't eat it if it starts getting old and tasting funny.

Try making some oatmeal. If you buy a package at the store, the instructions will be right there on the side. Enjoy how easy it is to make and how tasty it is to eat.


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