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To make butter chicken, we must know that inside of this butter chicken there is a distinct curry and on the other hand.

We have to make a chicken tikka, and afterward, we mix the two. 

So, the first thing, very little water. 
In that, we put roughly chopped tomatoes. 
little bit of onions. 
Bayleaf In that goes Cinnamon. 
Again, small. One black cardamom. 2-3 cloves.
Green cardamom. 
In this we put lagoon, that is Garlic. 
In this goes Ginger Now goes in red Chilli powder

Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder


But, Chilli powderKashmiri Red Chilli powder
We’ll give it a good stir.

Now we'll add some Cashew nuts in it. Now we cover it and let it cook Now we cover it and let it cook. 

Cook till the tomatoes wilt completely and get mashy.
Cook till the tomatoes wilt completely and get mushy

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In the meantime, The second part of this recipe which is very important that is chicken Tikka ForTikka, we need boneless chicken, if you want, you can use it with bones too. 

Chicken Tikka


  • Add salt to it.
  • Lemon juice. 
  • Ginger paste and Garlic paste Mix it very well. 

Just mix it, this is called First Marination. First marination is important so that the salt seeps to the insides of the chicken, it shouldn’t be bland from the inside. 

And in this first image, we'll keep it aside for

We have Mustard oil you can also use regular oil. 

Add Kashmiri Chilli powder best bleeds out its natural color and we get a bright red color. 

Look at that. No colors need to be added. Avoid colors in food. We have got add a little salt to it and a little Lemon juice. 

We will whisk it nicely. There. This is the second marination for our Chicken. This is the chicken from the first marination, we squeeze out any excess water put it in there. 

Now, Nicely Mix it up. And our marinated Tikka is ready. And our marinated Chicken Tikka is ready. 

Keep it in the marinate for

There. Ya almost there. We have cooked this for about puree it in a blender. 

Fine. It goes in there. All of it. Now. That’s it. We must strain this gravy we want a smooth, silky, add some water and wash off whatever is sticking to the jar. 

Almost everything gets strained except for the outer skin of the tomatoes and a little bit of those coarse spices. 

We’ll heat the pan again, melt some good quantity of butter. Let the butter melt. 

In this, we add Chilli. Light sauté of Ginger and Green Chilli, adds a touch of magic to the final

Butter Chicken Gravy


Great, At this stage, I’m going to add my pureed Butter Chicken curry. All of it. And I’ll let it cook for about

While my gravy is getting ready, I need to cook my TikkaSo I’m going to move this here and move the curry on this one. 

The pan is already hot. Just a very light drizzle of oil. I have taken this grill pan on purpose to get a nice grill mark, which gives you a feeling of a Tandoor or a grill. 

If you put the chicken on mild flame it will leave out water and become like a boiled chicken and not a grilled chicken. 

Make sure you don’t from the other side and out. We do not flip it again and again. Chicken is almost done. To the curry we have, we'll add salt in it. 

Add Fenugreek leaves powder

And it is done. Now, all we need to do is plate it and quickly eat it. For plating Just pour the curry over. Cut some cream. And garnish it with a fresh sprig of Coriander. This is such a Recipe, which you can try at home. And you should try it. 

So what are you waiting for? Get going, into your Kitchens now.


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