10 Things You'll Never Buy Once You Know What They're Made Of!

What They Are Made Of You'll Never Buy Again

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Things You'll Never Buy Once You Know What They're Made Of!

sausage hot dogs

Number one: Hot dogs there are millions and millions of people who love hot dogs the cookout can't even be called a cookout unless you have hot dogs most people already know that hot dogs aren't good for you and many people don't know why they're not good while hot dogs are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that should not be put into your body, the worst part is the shiny elastic case, Enos, around some of those hot dogs it's made of animal intestines the inside of the hot dog it's not any better they're made of lips and pig snouts gross.

red hot chilli

Number two: Red food if you've ever had a red drink or strawberry ice cream the color red comes from a dye now in some cases, it's natural in other cases it's man-made a few years ago foods that contained dye began getting a bad rap saying that it was causing hyperactivity in children it was also said to make them act crazy well to combat the problem companies started using less dye or labeling it all-natural one of the sources of the natural red dye is a bug if you've ever seen a natural red for or carmine and the ingredients it's a dye extract from the coccidia bug to make one pound of the red dye manufacturers need 70,000 of these bugs this is one of the grossest things that you'll never buy once you know what it's made of.

chopped potato

Number three: Potato chips well I think just made of potatoes most people think that we know they're not the healthiest food in the world but dagnabbit they're just so tasty we eat them anyway right well besides the carbs and fat in potato chips there be something even worse in them there are several brands — potato chips that put a chemical in them called sodium bisulfite it's a compound usually found in facial cleansers and anti-fungal products they use this chemical so that the chips don't become discolored and also, so they don't grow mold the FDA says that it's fine for consumption in small amounts, but still, that sounds pretty disgusting.

bread and pies

Number four: Processed bread and pies most people know that anything that's labeled as processed isn't all that good for you there is things in these foods that are bad for you that you might not even know about what example is else I steamed it's not used in homemade though, but it is known as a dough conditioner for mass-produced dough it's also used to make dough softener so, it can be easily shaped the bad thing about this additive is that it comes from human hair the main source of this additive comes from women who sell their hair in China in North America the additive comes from the feathers of ducks.

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Red Bull red ball

Number five: Red Bull red ball is the most popular energy drink on the market not too long ago Red Bull was in the news due to the extraordinary amount of caffeine of the drink later there was a rumor that the secret to the drinks' energy-boosting capabilities was that they added bull semen to the drinks when people say that one of the ingredients is taurine whose Latin root means bull it got people going well, in reality, the taurine was not taken from a ball it's actually a synthetic additive even though it's not as gross as you think Red Bull still is not good for you.

macroni and cheese

Number six: Macaroni and cheese people love macaroni and cheese because it's creamy cheesy and it's straightforward to make it comes with pasta and cheese right so what's so wrong about it well Kraft macaroni and cheese and other similar brands they are criticized over the years due to the food coloring that they use.

If you look at the ingredients on the box you'll see Tetrazzini and sunset yellow these dyes are better known as yellow five and yellow six they actually come from coal and tar in petroleum all of which don't sound delicious there is so much controversy around these dyes there are certain parts of the world that ban their use in the food they're also said to have side effects such as food, allergies, hypersensitivity, and ADHD like symptoms and children also these dyes are considered cancer causes.


Number seven: Ground beef people use ground beef and a variety of their meals each day what you might not know is that ground beef is not just ground many manufacturers add something to their beef before shipping it out when the ground beef is being produced there's plenty of leftover fat that still has tiny bits of meat that's attached want to get every piece of meat the manufacturers melt down the fat, and they put it through a centrifuge when it comes out there is pink slime that's treated with ammonia it's then put back into the meat to bulk it up when the story got out a variety of companies including McDonald's Wendy's and Burger King all said that they would no longer use that type of meat the pink slime meat.

gummy bears

Number eight: Gummy bears and many gummy treats originated in Germany in the 1920s there are regular bears and sour bears since there is gelatin in the gummy bears you can be sure that something with the face has gone into them most companies make their gelatin from the skin bone and connective tissue found in animals I'm not sure though if any of those animals are actual bears. 

vanilla syrup

Number nine: Vanilla syrup if you drink anything with vanilla syrup chances are it has something unappetizing in it if you look at the label it will say natural flavors, but right beside that, you will see a variation of an ingredient.

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But each time, it has the prefix caster in it that means beaver in this case Pasture is a secretion that comes from the glands near the anus of a beaver in nature this is used to mark their territory in food it's used to make a milkshake that sound scrump-delicious. 


Number ten: Nutella is one of the most common things that you'll never buy once you know what it's made of the chocolate hazelnut spread people put that on anything many people put the spread on their toast their muffins, they even dip their bananas in Nutella before you buy a jar and spread it on your favorite food though.

You should know why is this spread is so bad for you First, the main ingredient in the spread is sugar if you want to watch what you eat that's a bad choice right off it's almost like spreading a candy bar under your morning toast Next, the second ingredient is modified vegetable oils which is different from regular vegetable oil the oils in Nutella can affect your heart liver brain and nervous system function finally, there are several other healthier options out there.


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