Tips About Sugar and Baking Cookies

The good news about sugar and your cookies

The good news about sugar and cookies baking

Have you thought of baking a cookie without sugar but heard that it might come out not good? Actually, with more and more people paying closer attention to their dietary sugar intake, there are plenty of sugar-free cookie recipes available. You simply need some hearty adjustment to discover the more natural texture and flavor of your cookie.

People normally associate sugar with sweets, when in fact they may not be the same. A cookie without sugar can still taste wonderfully good, and believe it or not, it is a healthy cookie. If you’re the health-conscious cookie fan, maybe giving up all of those sweet cookies for a healthy cookie can no longer be a problem. Let's find out more about making a healthy cookie that you and your kids can eat and enjoy abundantly.

There are thousands of cookie recipes you can see online and cookie recipe books. You will be amazed by how a cookie could taste so pleasantly fulfilling with just oatmeal, bananas, coconuts, raisins, apple, or even your favorite fruit. For a more naturally-sweetened cookie, mix different types of fruits into your cookie. Do not underestimate the power of fruits in sweetening. Fruits are richly-packed with naturally-occurring fruit sugars which is the main secret to its delicious sweet sensation. Apples, dates, coconuts, and raisins are among the fruits that give a distinctive sweet flavor to your cookie. Coconut can even be used as topping to any sugar-free cookie.

There are a lot of options for sugar nowadays. You can replace hard granulated sugars with artificial sweeteners. Using sugar substitutes has become popular as alternatives to regular white sugar without sacrificing sweetness. While brown sugars are still best in making cookies, and which are best for you too, you can also use pure white sugars that are less refined. Raw honey and nectar also play a big part in making a healthy cookie as they are not processed. If you prefer not to cook the honey, add it to the cookie after it is baked.

The good news about sugar and your cookies

You can also cut down in oils. Applesauce is a great substitute for some of the fat in traditional cookie recipes, or you can use fruit puree-fat replacement products that are available in the market. To avoid adding any type of hydrogenated oil, you can add some berries and nuts, or light chocolate. Fruit purees may be ideal for other baked goods like cakes and muffins, but you never know if you get more success using it with your cookies.

Just because you prefer to eat a healthy cookie does not mean that you have the least kind of cookie. No matter what type of healthy cookie you decide to bake home, whether it's fruity or plain, make sure you all enjoy it. By starting a sugar-free cookie in your oven, it would not be hard to introduce the same to your growing cookie lovers. After all, if we loved Cookie Monster for his healthy and lovely cookies, so can your child love you more for a cookie that’s more than just a cookie to eat!


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